Just when you thought that all the concerts for the North Dakota State Fair had been announced, there is yet another surprise in store for you.
Many have noticed that this year’s lineup is more musically diverse than ever.  In keeping with that theme it's been confirmed that a Electronic Dance Pop Music artist has been added to the roster. Most know her as North Dakota’s Fashion Inventor, but she has been writing and recording music for over 20 years.
“It has been hard to keep this news a secret” says Dakota who got the call 3 months ago to be a resident performer at this years fair. “I have been rehearsing undercover since I said yes, I was asked to bring the full energy of Las Vegas Style Pop music and that is an assignment I fully understand.” Dakota has a Las Vegas based team she works closely with including dancers, choreographers, and other creators. “I do most of my work there, so having this opportunity to perform here at home and bring the energy of this genre of music is something I have been manifesting.” Says Dakota. She will be performing her original music after dark in the all new West Park on stage 2. "Being on the largest of the free stages, especially at dark, after the grandstand concerts are over is my dream slot, it means everyone has an opportunity to experience the musical diversity this year.” Following the 7 performances at this years North Dakota State Fair Dakota Chappy will be performing a concert/ hosting a music video release party in Las Vegas at the Show Girl Museum.