North Dakota's Daughter

Dakota Chappy

“Dakota Chappy- a strikingly talented vocalist delivering massive beats and an even more sizeable serving of soul.” claims A&R Factory. With a voice that “sounds like velvet and comforts like mother’s milk”, this North Dakota native is a rare total package: she writes, sings, dances, records and performs. Truly being seated in the soul of who she is, has allowed her to find a sultry sweet spot unique to her. Reaching the charts with tracks like “Frequency” and the latest “Right There” Chappy’s instantly recognizable haunting tone resonates from vessel that is appealing, mysterious and majestic.  Combine that with her fluid, feminine movement and earworm lyrics, she is redefining “hook”. “Entrancingly danceable, mindfully inspired.” Amelia Vandergast – A&R Factory